YCL (Ontario) condemns Women’s Studies’ cut at UofG!


Students fight back!

Students fight back!

from April, 2009

The University of Guelph’s elimination of the Women Studies and Organic Agriculture programs is a deliberate, ideologically-motivated attack on small programs as well as women’s and environmental rights.
It will only save .17 percent of the deficit and is unjustifiable even in narrow economic terms, let alone the fact that it is an attack on a progressive program! Together, the pressure of students, faculty and staff must reverse this decision.

Behind closed doors administrators might think they can get away with an attack on feminism. But Women’s Studies is everyone’s interest.  Today, Women’s Studies is even being introduced into High School curricula.   Half the world is women, women students are the growing majority on campuses, and Women’s Studies is perhaps the only academic forum on campus dedicated to the issues of sexism, racism, homophobia and patriarchy.

Likewise, the University of Guelph is internationally known for its agricultural research.  Students successfully petitioned for Organic Agriculture.   Are gender equity, affirmative action, environmental sustainability and student initiatives no longer respected by President Summerlee’s administration?

The funding crunch and broader economic crisis facing post-secondary institutions across Ontario was not caused by students or workers.  We shouldn’t have to pay for it.  In fact, at this time it is all the more necessary to increase access to education by reducing then eliminating tuition fees, creating jobs by hiring more faculty – increasing the number of people of colour and women faculty — expanding accessible childcare on campus, and expanding democratic
student participation in the university.

The Young Communist League (Ontario) expresses our full solidarity with the struggles of students in Guelph to preserve these courses and calls upon all democratic students to join with this fight.


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