Gryph (UofG Mascot) is a “golpista” (coup supporting, fascist apologist)…

I don’t think a topic such as the university’s policy on ethical buying should be done behind closed doors. Especially not when it is the students who contribute the most financially to the university. Students should have a say in who their money supports. So I’ve decided to post the wall post that was deleted from the Gryph’s wall and the private message I received from “Gryph” today. (Don’t worry, Gryph. I know it wasn’t really you that sent that message. They probably have you locked up somewhere sewing jock straps together)

The Wall Post:

“Hey Gryph!

Quick question: how is it that someone like you, that brings so much joy to the life of fellow guelphites, does business with a company such as Russell Apparel (where all gryphon sportswear comes from) that not only has a history of very po…or labour practices (like laying off thousands of employees from a Honduran factory because they wanted to unionize), but is also one of the few companies that has not spoken against the coup d’etat in Honduras that ousted democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya (who, by the way, raised minimum wage in Honduras) and put in his place a fascist dictator?

Maybe you just did not know or were misinformed. If that’s the case here are some articles:

This one talks about the poor labour practices:

This one is basically a list of the 101 universities that have boycotted Russell Apparel worldwide:

And this final one (which you are probably already be familiar with) is from the gryphon website announcing their partnership with Russell Apparel:

I trust that now that you are informed, you will make the correct decision.

See you at the homecoming game,


the Response:

“Hello Denise,

Please do not post things like what you posted earlier on the front of gryph’s page. If you wish to ask a question or get opinions heard please do so through Gryph’s private message box, but we will not allow postings such as the one you put up today on Gryph’s page. We are on facebook to inform students about upcoming events, contests and activities such as homecoming. Gryph does not participate in debates or conflicts. If you are concerned with the sponsors/suppliers that we support or buy from you may come in and talk with our client services staff or merchandise sales person, or bring it up with the proper university staff members, but doing so through Gryph will not only not get you anywhere, it will get you reported the next time a posting such as the one you posted earlier shows up on Gryph’s wall again. We are not trying to be harsh but we can not support such accusations or sarcastic comments nor will we engage in a discussion such as the one presented on gryph’s wall.

Thank you for your understanding.


So there you have it.

Gryph decked out in a spiffy sweat shop made jersey!

Gryph decked out in a spiffy sweat shop made jersey!

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  1. My favourite part is the empty threat. I’m fairly confident there’s no way that “Gryph” could “report” Denise and get her in trouble for writing what she wrote on his wall. Gryph doesn’t get to decide his own terms of service, and I think Denise was well within Facebook’s.

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