Imperialism bleeds accessible education…

This week the GYCL is launching a poster campaign designed to highlight Canadian Capital’s preference for imperialist war spending while our education system continues to become less and less accessible to working-class youth (which is of course gendered and racialized). Tuition fees are the highest they’ve been in recent history with Ontario being announced as the leader in inaccessible education a couple weeks ago. This is coming at a time when international imperialism (NATO and the US) are putting pressure on Canada to increase its involvement in the occupation of Afghanistan past 2011, a request that the Harper Conservatives are happy to accept. Meanwhile the corruption of the Karzai regime in Afghanistan and an increase in violence against civilians is being reported.

Education is a right

The purpose of the poster campaign is to present the connection between the struggle against imperialism and war and the student struggle for accessible education.  It is timed when students will be focusing on the “Drop Fees” campaign and its day of action.  Anti-imperialism and the fight against tution fees are two aspects in the larger struggle against capitalism. If you are able to help put up posters around campus and Guelph please email and we’d be happy to send you an electronic copy or arrange for you to pick up some materials.

In Peace and solidarity!  We will defeat imperialism!  Education is a right!


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