Young Workers Conference call out

Young and without good work? So are we. Join the discussion about fighting low wages, bad working conditions, temp agencies, exploitation and oppression – and how we can win better work and better wages!

The youth demand decent work for decent wages! Organize to win!




Discussion, food and presentations on:

* How come so many youth are unemployed in such a rich country?

* How did workers turn around the situation in the past?

* What can we do now to fight back and win!

Young people across Canada are facing record high unemployment, poverty wages, dangerous jobs, and total loss of dignity in our work. Despite the economic crisis and the “jobless recovery” corporations are posting profits. The government gives billions to CEOs and the military, but demands back our pensions and school funds. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Come learn about the alternatives people are fighting for. Here stories that are not reported in the media. Discuss new ideas and solutions: raise minimum wage above the poverty line, accessible Employment Insurance, removing the unfair barriers to young workers to organizing unions, quality public childcare, building mass affordable housing, and democratically taking back the economy – with plant closure legislation, nationalization and an environmentally sustainable manufacturing policy for Canada.

We think it is urgent that young workers hear from activists and trade unionists, speak up about our own experiences, learn about local and international struggles, and unite for real change in our communities. Let’s the youth of Ontario moving on the fight for jobs. Join us SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29.

Need a ride? Want more info?

Register online:

Email: or if you’re from Guelph- KW:

The 1935 "On To Ottawa Trek". A militant expression of resistance to the great depression. Click to learn more!


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