Reject Harper’s prorogue! Reinforce the struggle for peace and democracy!


The announcement that Prime Minister Harper’s government is proroguing parliament until March is outrageous, extraordinary and profoundly anti-democratic.  The main reason for these unusual treacherous parliamentary machinations, sneakily done in the holiday season, is avoiding the snow-balling Afghan detainee torture cover-up of complicity in war crimes.  What more will come forward to the inquiry?  The pretext is at once ridiculous and disturbing: the Vancouver Winter Olympic games, itself a scandalous orgy of profiteering before people’s needs, on stolen native land. 

In capitalist democracy corporations are the main protagonist, from election campaigns to parliamentary votes.  To move the government just one inch the Aboriginal peoples, trade unionists, students, women’s groups and all the people must sign petitions, demonstrate, strike, blockade roads, and occupy factories.  The CEO and his class just pick up their Blackberrys.

 This latest anti-democratic action, wiping out an entire session of parliament’s work and halting parliamentary committees, shoves into broad day light the low-level of democracy.  It exposes the Harper Conservatives terror of public pressure, and the reactionary measures they are prepared to maintain a grip on power.  It again puts forward the urgent need for far-reaching electoral reform.  It raises the question of deeper democracy, of power to the people.  The Young Communist League of Canada – Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada (YCL-LJC) calls for the youth and students to stand with all peace-loving and democratic people in the labour and people’s forces: visibly reinforce and redouble our efforts for immediate withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan!  Bring down the Harper Conservatives for a pro-people, anti-imperialist, anti-corporate government!

January 1, 2010 Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC


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