YCL-LJC and WFDY statements on Israel’s attack on Gaza Aid Flotilla

JUNE 5 – Solidarity with Palestine!

June 2, 2010

The Central Executive Committee of the Young Communist League of Canada condemns in the strongest terms the illegal, terrorist attack by Israel against the flotilla bringing solidarity aid to Palestine. We endorse the June 5 Global Day of Action. We call upon all progressive and democratic youth in Canada to join these demonstrations and mobilize against the Apartheid state of Israel, and for youth and student activists to step-up their struggle for solidarity with the Palestinian peoples.

War criminal Harper welcomes a war criminal the morning after a war crime

The Harper Conservative federal government could have expressed the sentiments of the Canadian people on this matter and sharply criticized this action; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in meetings at the time with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Instead, Harper has supported the U.S. initiative to neutralize the UN security council resolution for an inquiry into the crimes, by demanding Israel should investigate itself, instead of an independent UN investigation.

We endorse the call of the World Federation of Democratic Youth who have re-asserted their commitment to put the Palestinian cause as a main theme of the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in Pretoria, South Africa, this December and called upon on the youth of the world to realize the facts about the role and the nature of Israel and demand from their governments immediate actions against Israel and in support of the sovereign Palestinian people.

Viva Palestina!

For a list of actions occurring across Canada on June 5th and in the coming week click here.


Israel attacks brigade of solidarity to Palestine!

World Federation of Democratic Youth

May 31st, 2010

In a criminal act of terror, Israel once again attacks civilian and isolated people who came from around the world to supply the Palestinian people in Gaza with aid including food, medicine and building materials. The attack led to the death of at least 19 solidarity activists and the injury of more than 26.  This is a crime that WFDY strongly condemns and rejects against young people who were showing their solidarity with the suffering of Palestinian people.

WFDY, as an organization which has itself organized solidarity brigades to Palestine before, shows its full support for the participants of the brigade and expresses its sorrow for their martyrdom.

We think that this criminal incident is one example of proof about the nature of the Israeli state as a terrorist entity, and calls upon the United Nation Security Council to stand up and play its role in forcing Israel to pay for its criminal actions.

We also call all the youth of the world to realize the facts about the role and the nature of Israel, and to demand from their governments to take straight and immediate actions against Israel.

WFDY member organizations are asked to escalate their struggle and organize solidarity events with the Palestinian people and to express their protests in front of Israeli embassies and consulates around the world.  It is also important to escalate the demands from national governments to take a clear and definitive position regarding the Israeli policies.

At this moment, we emphasize again the need for more struggles against Israel and against imperialism in all of its bodies which continuously cause pain and sorrow for millions of people around the world. WFDY has long struggled for the rights of Palestinian people and will continue this struggle throughout its activities and actions including organizing more solidarity brigades and also putting the Palestinian cause as a main theme in the World Festival of Youth and Students as we always have.

Long live international struggle!
Long Live Palestine!

*The Young Communist League of Canada is a member organization of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.  WFDY is hosting the World Festival of Youth and Students in South Africa in  December 2010 where tens of thousands of anti-imperialist youth from over 100 countries will gather.  For more info about festival organizing and the Canadian delegation contact the YCL.


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