Build Israeli Apartheid Week and the Boycott Divestment Sanctions campaign!

Build Israeli Apartheid Week and the Boycott Divestment Sanctions campaign! – Expand democratic rights on campus!

The Young Communist League of Canada fully endorses Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) 2011 from March 7th-20th and salutes the upcoming organizing taking place on campuses and in communities across Canada to help build IAW and the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement against Apartheid Israel.

Last year’s events took place in over 55 cities world wide and this year’s
actions will be expanded and strengthened.

Click here for Guelph IAW events!


IAW 2011 is coming at a historical juncture where a new wave of revolution has discredited the racist ideas that the Arab peoples do not struggle for democracy and against imperialism. Israel remains the favored outpost of American imperialism in the region and IAW plays an important role in exposing Apartheid Israel’s most heinous crimes against Palestinians, and the role it plays in securing US corporate interests which have savaged the Middle East and the globe.

We proudly support the use of the term “Apartheid” despite the attacks on free speech by Zionists and Conservatives. How else can one describe a situation where occupied Palestinians are denied statehood and are colonized by illegal Israeli settlements that continue to expand?  What is it when Arab Israelis are denied access to the majority of land in Israel itself and suffer severe discrimination on a daily basis?  Israel has escalated its policies of war, occupation, assassination, kidnapping, torture and detention, partition, economic de-stabilization, starvation, the withholding of water, the bulldozing of homes and shops, and the targeting of civilians.

We stand with South African anti-Apartheid veterans, such as Desmond Tutu, Ronnie Kasrils, COSATU, the ANC, the South African Communist Party and the Young Communist League of South Africa, in refusing to be intimidated and referring to Israel’s racist policies by their name as defined under the UN’s 1973 Convention: the “Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid”.


The vast majority of the world, through the UN, has opposed Israeli
Apartheid for over 40 years as one of the principle road blocks to peace in the region.  But this is not reflected in Harper’s unconditional support for the most extreme pro-Zionist and genocidal measures taken by the Israeli state.  Canada has more than doubled its bi-lateral trade with Israel since the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement was signed.  This trade is now $1.3 billion a year.

Harper’s foreign policy now stands virtually alone in the world in terms of this uncritical support.

In 2006, when a Hamas majority was elected by Palestinians, Canada was among the first countries in the world to cut funding to the democratically elected government of Palestine.  Harper also supported the invasion of Lebanon and “Operation Cast Lead” – Israel’s three week massacre of 1,400 Gazans (including over 300 children).

Most recently Stephen Harper appeared with Israeli PM and war criminal
Netanyahu the morning after the brazen military attack against unarmed peace activists bringing humanitarian aid to the imprisoned people of Gaza.  The courageous Freedom Flotilla activists, including Victoria BC’s human rights activist Kevin Neish, were carrying baby food, clothing, medicines, building materials and other supplies desperately needed by the people of Gaza, who continue to suffer under a vicious blockade intended to starve the Palestinians into submission.


Free speech in Canada has also been a casualty of Stephen Harper’s support for Imperialism and Apartheid Israel as the federal government has attacked voices for Human Rights at home.

In 2009, Jason Kenney, Minister of Censorship and Deportation, banned
British MP George Galloway from entering Canada, because he had recently led a humanitarian convoy to Gaza.  The Harper Tories have cut funding to Canadian organizations that have spoke out against Israel, including the Canadian Arab Federation and KAIROS, and have founded the “Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism” which is attempting to label all criticism of Israel as “the new anti-Semitism”.

This new attack on our democratic rights has also been felt by IAW and BDS activists, many of whom are youth and students.

Last spring the Ontario Legislature passed a motion by Tory MPP Peter
Shurman condemning Israeli Apartheid Week as “inciting hatred against
Israel”.  In previous years university administrations have banned IAW
posters and put up road blocks for booking space on campuses for Palestinian solidarity events.  In February 2011, Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario, tried to bankrupt a speaking event involving Jewish anti-Zionist scholar Norman Finkelstein by arguing that exorbitant security expenditures were necessary.


But youth and students are fighting back against this repression with a
renewed counter-offensive.  Across Canada there have been important
victories.  This includes the growing BDS movement which held a pan-Canadian conference in Montreal in October 2010.   We call on youth, students to continue this work and to coordinate and organize a cross-Canada BDS organization.  Important victories have already been won, such as the recent move by the Hudson Bay Company to discontinue Ahava products (an Israeli cosmetics line) in January 2011.

The proof that this movement has real potential to weaken Apartheid
Israel is that the Israeli Knesset is currently discussing a bill that
will criminalize the promotion of BDS within Israel.

The BDS campaign was launched in 2005 by a call put forth by over 170
Palestinian civil society organizations.  The YCL-LJC echoes their demands.

We call that Israel respect the right of return for all Palestinian
refugees; that Israel dismantle the wall and put an end to its colonization; the creation of a viable and genuinely independent, sovereign Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem; the certifiable de-nuclearization of Israel, and mutual security guarantees for all states in the region.

The time has come to impose sanctions and a full boycott against the rouge state of Israel, beginning with an immediate ban on all Canadian military exports.  Canada must end its complicity with Israeli war crimes and adopt a foriegn policy of peace and disarmament including support of UN resolutions and developing peaceful and cooperative relations with all states in the Middle East.  There is no other “road map” to a just and lasting peace in the region.

Central Executive Committee

YCL-LJC Canada


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