GYCL votes Communist!

The Guelph Young Communist League endorses Communist Party of Canada candidate Drew Garvie

Drew Garvie is a service sector worker, part-time student, campus and community activist, and leader of the Young Communist League in Ontario. He has been actively involved in a number of movements including opposing the Harper Tories’ racist immigration policies and the fight for Palestinian human rights.

Drew supports the student movement in its call for universal, quality public education at all levels. He calls for massively increasing education funding and the passing of a federal Post-Secondary Education Act, eliminating tuition, and stopping military recruitment and privatization on campus.

Drew actively protests Canada’s war in Afghanistan and is a supporter of the Six Nations reclamation in Caledonia.

Voting Communist is the strongest message you can send against capitalist globalization and imperialist war. For example, none of the candidates in Guelph from the major parties (including the Greens) have spoken against our involvement in bombing Libya.

A vote for the Communist Party of Canada is a vote that reflects the growing awareness that environmental destruction, economic crisis, racism, sexism and homophobia, and war have systemic causes rooted in capitalism itself.

Yes our undemocratic FPTP system means that you have a two party race in ridings like Guelph.  But, politicians pay attention to the “wasted votes” and where they’re going.   Voting Communist sends a message to those in power that you want real change.  And then the real change will come from your participation in social movements and in the streets!  People and our environment before profits!

More links and campaign info:

Click here for the full platform and campaign election site!

Check out the Guelph Mercury’s All-Candidate’s Debate Replay:–guelph-riding-forum-replay

Two good articles from the Merc:

Communists hopeful for brighter future for all

Youth don’t feel engaged enough to vote

Campaign Video:


You can vote on May 2nd from 9:30am-9:30pm.  On your “Voter Information Card” it will say where to vote.  All you need is the card and ID.  But if you didn’t receive a card in the mail…

What to bring to the polls on E-day if you haven’t received a “Voter Information Card”:

***They will let you vote regardless if you swear an oath.  Your ballot will be sealed until they can confirm the info but it will still be counted!

Where to find your poll:

-fill out your postal code and click search

-In the FAQ section on the right hand side click “Where do I vote?” under the “voting process” heading

-your poll will appear


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