Solidarity with Québec – Resources and Media

On Facebook

Join “Guelph Students in Solidarity with the Québec Student Strike” – a place of information sharing and organizing!

On Youtube…

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois – Spokesperson for the CLASSE (student federation) representing approximately half of the students on strike

Discussion with leading student activists and unionists on what has been successful in Quebec.


Solidarity Resolution for Organizations and Unions

LJC-Q’s site “Jeunesse Militante” – The “YCL” in Quebec – Good resource for French readers

“We all pay for the defunding of higher education” – CCPA – Good article that addresses many of the common misconceptions created by corporate media coverage of the student strike

Media coverage from Guelph campus and community

“The Ontarion” Editorial

“” Editorial

“Central Student Association calls on Jean Charest to negotiate in good faith” – the

“Uof G student union stands behind Quebec Students” – Guelph Mercury

“UofG’s CSA expresses solidarity with Quebec” -The Ontarion


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