Peter MacKay in Guelph? – Join the UnWelcoming Committee!

Peter MacKay – the Conservative’s Minister of National Defence will be in Guelph at Lourdes High School on Monday, Nov. 30, at 12pm to receive a leadership award.

We’re going too! We will be meeting by the buses on UofG campus at 11am and heading to Lourdes to be there for 11:45. Join us on the bus or outside the school.

Here’s a few reasons why members of the Guelph community will be outside the school on Monday to raise their voices against MacKay’s presence:

-Under MacKay’s watch we have seen continued military involvement in the occupation of Afghanistan and played a “leadership role” in the war on Libya, leading to thousands of civilian deaths in those countries.

-Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper now seem intent on marching Canada to war, alongside the United States, against Syria and Iran.

-Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper are currently talking a lot about Israel’s “right to defend itself”, while saying nothing about the hundreds of Palestinians killed over the past two weeks, blocking international attempts to end the six year siege of Gaza, blocking international consensus on ending the occupation of Palestine and apartheid system within Israel and the West Bank.

-It was under Peter MacKay’s watch that military commanders directed transfers of Afghan detainees to Afghan authorities, when it was known that abuse, rights violations and torture of prisoners was occurring.

-Under MacKay and Harper we have seen a drastic increase in militarism in Canada. The “Canada First Defence Strategy”, developed by the Tories calls for almost half a trillion dollars in spending by 2025. The federal government now has a military budget of over 20 billion dollars a year.

-It was Peter MacKay that gave the thumbs up to the purchase of the F-35 fighter jets, which will cost more than 30 billion dollars. This amount of money alone could be used to support almost all of Canada’s monthly food bank users’ food security needs for 30 years, or fund free undergraduate tuition fees across Canada for 5-6 years.

-All this at a time when the Tories are preaching austerity, scraping social services, cutting federal jobs, xenophobic and exploitative immigration policies, gutting environmental legislation, criminalizing the people and attacking women’s rights. Many of these attacks are being carried out through anti-democratic omnibus bills where people are blindsided by massive changes to many different laws simultaneously.

We say “Peace and Prosperity, Not War and Austerity”! Peter MacKay, go away! Out of Guelph, out of office!


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